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Tile Art Prices:
We can reproduce any of your images onto ceramic tiles in colors so vivid you would believe the tile was hand painted.  This is not a process that uses a transfer like in the T Shirt  industry, leaving a waxy feel to the substrate, it's a relatively new technology call Dye Sublimation, which turns the inks into a gas, bonding with the tile producing high quality results.

Most artists spend long hours painting original images which are then sold to Galleries or at Art & Craft shows, but once that original is sold, it's gone, and a new image has to be created.  Now, because of the onset of digital printing, many artists maximize their profit from an image by having reprints produced, which sell at shows, etc. to earn more money from the original painting.

Some artists have even taken it a step further, by having their images placed on mouse pads, but all this is now becoming commonplace.  Customers are looking for something a little more unique from artists and this is where Hendrick Services can help.

We can place your images onto a wide range of different sized ceramic tiles, which have hangers applied so they can be wall mounted.  These are packaged in see-through clam-shells for high visual display and protection.

We have many artists that order and re-order their own images on our range of tiles.  They are making large profits by selling these tiles at Shows and to Galleries.

Wall Mural

For interior and exterior applications, the richness and luxury of ceramic tile has long been the selected material of Designers, Architects and Builders.  It's durability and versatility express endurance, strength and longevity, and because of it's endless design possibilities, unlimited creative opportunities are provided.

We're committed to transforming your vision into a product of excellence.  You will discover how we can make your next installation better than you ever imagined.

With our Dye Sublimation experience and equipment we can offer superb quality wall tiles with your custom images imprinted on them.

And with a full gloss finish applied to the tiles, they are fit to grace the walls of any restaurant, corporate office or custom home.  Imagine a beautiful coral reef scene spread across multiple tiles for your bathroom or a panoramic wilderness scene for your kitchen.

You're limited only by your imagination.

Tile murals are priced at $75.00 per square foot under 9 square feet and $90.00 per square foot over 9 square feet.

Our tiles must be used for murals.  Tile sizes available are 6"x 6", 6" x 8", 8" x 8", 8" x 10"

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